15 years…

I can’t believe 15 years have gone by…
I still feel like he’s constantly with me.
As if we’re always hanging out together, like we used to do.
Even now, inside of me he exists as an eternally young man.
He still has a mischievous smile, just like before.
Moreover, he’s always standing with me on stage.
He’ll be there forever, until the day I go to that other world.
I look forward to seeing you again, hide.
With LOVE,

It’s been a while!

I haven’t written here in quite some time.
Since I started using Twitter, I’ve been neglecting my blog… I’m sorry about that.
How is everybody doing?

The crazy LUNA SEA tour that started in November of last year ended successfully
with the SLAVE-only show on February 17.
After spending many days immersed in post-arrangements and meetings,
I’ve fled overseas, where I am now.
Because the last few months have been so incredibly busy,
my body and spirit are both totally exhausted.
I felt like I’d fall apart if I didn’t rest a bit before my next activities,
so I’m currently taking refuge in a certain country.

The Zepp tour was a fantastic way to return to our original intentions.
At the Osaka show, we felt bliss and became one with everyone at our first show at Osaka-jo Hall
in quite some time.
The charity concert in Sendai was an opportunity to share positive energy
and a powerful light with the world.
The insane six days of shows at the Budokan
were a chance for LUNA SEA to open an important, new door.
During our Asian tour we were truly welcomed in various countries,
and we awoke to a hungrier spirit than ever.
Finally, the SLAVE-only show – our first in 13 years –
was a chance to share heartfelt love with our closest friends.
All of the moments and encounters of The End of the Dream tour gave us light,
in the truest sense of the word.
I also strongly feel that they led us to our next state of mind

At the beginning of the tour my left ankle hadn’t completely healed,
and I also fractured a toe on my right foot.
It was awful… I was really depressed,
wondering why my life is so chaotic and what I was being punished for.
I couldn’t help but feel that this tour – during which I couldn’t use either leg fully –
was a type of penance given to me from Heaven.
It was one of the most difficult circumstances I’ve ever experienced,
and I could only hope that the tour would be successful.
But thanks to the support of everyone, we managed to carry it off somehow.
I caused a great deal of trouble for the members and other people,
and made all of my fans worry as well… I’m so sorry. m(_ _)m
At the same time, I’m truly grateful for all of you.

Next, LUNA SEA will jump right into production work for our new album.
We’re in the midst of a truly vigorous and creative energy,
and we want to take all of this and pour it into the album as soon as possible.
I feel like this new album will be the realization of all the answers from the past 12 years.
However, since we’re making this album while each member is also carrying out solo activities,
I can’t say when it will be completed…
Still, I hope you will look forward to it – we have already created the seeds of some fantastic songs!

But before that, I need to reset everything.
I’m tired of so many things.
Once I return everything back to the starting point
and become charged with a sufficient amount of energy,
I will start working again towards my next music.
If I forced myself to return to work right now,
or if I used the tiny amount of power I have left to make myself continue forward,
I feel like I’d have a hard time and would collapse on the way there…

In Japan it’s still really cold, so please take care of yourself!
Spring is almost here…



Today is the 48th birthday of my “big brother.”
I bet he’s drinking like crazy in the other world,
while rocking out just like a kid dumping out the toys from a fantastic toy box.

It’s remarkable that LUNA SEA is on its first nationwide tour in 12 years at this timing.
I wish he could have seen how we are right now.
I’m sure he would have been really excited and had a wonderful time.
I also suspect he would have cracked up when he saw how I injured both of my legs,
saying, “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Furthermore, I bet he would have loved the new version of LUNA SEA as shown on the new single
we released yesterday that is comprised of two A-sides – “The End of the Dream” and “Rouge.”
After all, I’m confident that these amazing, crazy,
upbeat tunes are condensed versions of our unique qualities (did you all like them?).

We’ve overcome a series of stormy circumstances to arrive at a new point,
from which we will walk forward into the future.
Furthermore, we have a groove and attitude that has evolved from those of the past.
The shows in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo as part of our first “standing tour”
in quite some time were truly fantastic.
We were blissfully happy, and we were also able to experience once again the strong bonds
we share with our fans who have been waiting for us for many years,
as well as our new fans who came to see us for the first time.
All that’s left is the three days of performances at Zepp Tokyo,
our Christmas show at Osaka-Jo Hall, and our concert to support reconstruction at Sendai Sunplaza.

I’m going to devote all of my energy to LUNA SEA’s last spurt in 2012
(although my legs aren’t yet in the condition to be doing much running ^_^;).
I look forward to ascending to the heavens with hide and everyone else, too.

But before that, it’s time to vote!
Have you already decided who you’re going to choose?
Each party has things I agree with and things I must protest against,
so this election is a really difficult one…
I already took part in early voting, and I hope you’ll all vote before coming to Zepp Tokyo!

I pray that the world will be filled with light.



Lately I’ve been focusing on Twitter,
so I decided to write my first long entry in quite some time.
 “The End of the Dream,” LUNA SEA’s first tour in a long time, has already begun.
We went around the world for our REBOOT tour in 2010,
but it’s actually been 12 years since we toured Japan.
It’s also our first “standing” tour.
I can hardly believe we’ve actually accomplished this,
and I’m sure many people feel the same way. (^_^;)
As I keep saying in recent interviews,
I am confident that LUNA SEA – after our REBOOT – is stronger than it has ever been.
We haven’t yet lost the speed, sharpness, or instantaneous force of our 20s.
At the same time, I feel like we can express a depth, weight, and sense of openness
that is only possible for us now that we’re in our 40s.
Of course, our bodies have obviously gotten a lot older…
Still, I am confident that we can once again be active with our full strength right now.
We can express a truly strong type of rock, exactly because of this timing.
I hope everybody across the country is looking forward to our shows!
As you know, next month we will be releasing “The End of the Dream” and “Rouge,”
both of which are A-sides.
It’s our first offering since last year’s “THE ONE,” which I think is a pretty fast pace for LUNA SEA.
This next-phase rock ‘n’ roll shows what we are capable of expressing right now
– like we’re throwing a light into the future, with a LUNA SEA-style offensive power, explosive force,
and technical proficiency.
Doesn’t that sound great?
We were convinced that we needed upbeat tracks like these to follow “THE ONE,”
which is a deep, large song.
These two songs are detonating agents for the future of LUNA SEA
– a deep tune that is majestic, psychedelic, and possessed of a sense of cosmic space,
as well as a fast, punkish tune with a frank fighting spirit.
I believe the extreme contrast between these two songs,
as well as the “battle royal” between the spirits of each member that takes place within them,
demonstrates the true worth of LUNA SEA.
I also hope you will look forward to the music videos for these two songs
; they are a bit tough and rough-hewn, while still having a sense of ephemeral beauty.
They are also concentrated versions of our current attitude.
However, when shooting these videos my condition was quite bad because of my bone fracture,
so unfortunately I couldn’t move as I wanted to.
I feel like my performance is a bit off for this reason (^_^;) Sorry…
I hope you’ll be willing to make allowances for me… (^人^;)
The  music video for “Rouge” is a progressive and unique one that was shot using the iPhone and iPad.
I hope you will enjoy this sense of playfulness and experimentation,
which was very satisfying to a dedicated Apple fan like myself.
The important Year of Ascension will end in 2012, and our future will begin.
What will happen during our crazy tour?
I hope you’ll stick with us until the very end!

A tour full of tribulations

My recent tour only involved four performances, but it was definitely chaotic…
As you know, on the day before the tour I suffered an avulsion fracture to my left ankle.
Still, I wasn’t interested in making any choice except to go ahead with the tour.
Consequently, I somehow managed to carry it off with the help of the many people who were involved.
Everyone, thank you so much for your help, and I’m sorry for causing you so much worry. m(_ _)m
Late on the night before the tour, I explained everything to the doctor at the hospital.
I was supposed to be on complete bed rest,
but I managed to overcome all opposition and forced the doctor to put a cast on me.
Before each performance, I had a trusted friend who is a sports trainer tape me up tightly.
In this way I was somehow able to get through the entire tour.
It’s going to take a month for me to completely recover from my injury
– three months overall including rehabilitation.
Why does God test me in such ways?
SOUL’S MATE DAY, a show for fan club members only, was held on September 14.
Each version of this event has different forms and styles.
This time featured conversation and a live performance by the COSMIC DANCE QUINTET.
I felt a great deal of spiritual salvation from this show,
which was attended by the members of S.M. – the people I am closest to.
In recent years I don’t like speaking much at my regular concerts, so I always talk a great deal at my fan club shows.
In any case, it was very helpful for me that S.M. DAY took place on the first day of the tour.
I was able to conduct “research” on how I could perform live with a broken bone,
and I was also able to complain a little bit since I was in front of the members of S.M…
On September 16, I played with the fantastic System 7 in Osaka.
It was really difficult to get to Osaka, and I ended up using a wheelchair.
Unfortunately, the regulations in Osaka regarding late-night business are very strict,
and all-night concerts are apparently prohibited.
There wasn’t enough time for this type of party, and at first not very many audience members came.
But things heated up gradually as time passed.
My band on this day was the four-member COSMIC DANCE QUARTET.
There was also MACCHO’s band UNI, DJ KOTARO, and System 7.
Things grew crazier all at once, and the crowd got bigger as well.
It was a busy night for me; I played “BLACK OUT” with UNI
and three songs with System 7, including “F.O.T. MESSIAH.”
In this way, our psychedelic night in Osaka was a fantastically exciting one.
My solo show at Akasaka Blitz took place on September 17, the following day.
I left Osaka in the early morning and headed to Tokyo.
As you know, on that day the two members of COLDFEET joined the show as special guests together
with the six-member COSMIC DANCE SEXTET.
The actual concert was a psychedelic, hardcore rock and electro show focused on a dance groove.
COLDFEET participated during the encore, which was a time of rocking, soulful,
hard house music that was even more showy and gorgeous.
Still, it was annoying not to be able to move as I wanted to.
Since I couldn’t control the lower half of my body,
my groove was rather unstable and it was frustrating that I couldn’t accomplish the quality I had hoped for.
And since my left foot was secured so tightly, I didn’t have many choices for what to wear.
This concert was unacceptable to me in some ways, but thanks to the support from the crowd,
it had a wonderful feel and exciting atmosphere.
I still have regrets, but it turned out okay.
But since I forced myself to move too much and used my right leg and hip to protect my injury,
I became unable to move those parts of my body… It was truly a concert that was full of tribulations…
On September 21, I performed with System 7 in Tokyo at Shinjuku Face.
Since it was our second show, things were very familiar and comfortable.
I got an intense massage from my doctor before rehearsal, so I felt much better.
First of all, DJ Yummy was really fantastic!
She was in charge of the opening, during which she showed off her soulful, urban, sparkling groove.
The C.D.Q.’s performance was our last for this year, so everyone was really into it.
The groove, with this minimum number of members, was amazing in its own way – I definitely think we should continue pursuing it.
And finally, System 7 had a wonderful presence just as you would expect.
Yuji Katsui of ROVO was invited as a guest; his blissful, amazingly psychedelic electric violin and System 7’s groove joined together,
creating a supreme type of sound.
I joined in too with the roars of my scream guitar. In this way our music blended together, creating a joyful experience…
The members of the crowd were wonderful, too.
The tour finale was one that featured the highest type of ascension.
In any case, I truly apologize for making you all worry.
I feel like I’ve never received so much help before. Thank you all so much…
I’m currently resting for several days in order to allow my ankle to recuperate…
But there is still a mountain of problems and things for me to do,
so my mind can’t rest at all! (Cries) When will I experience some tranquility?
According to my doctor, the cast can come off in around 20 days,
and then I’ll be in rehabilitation for two months or so.
I definitely want to be recover completely before LUNA SEA’s tour that starts in November…


I have an announcement to make.
After “FINAL OF THE MESSIAH,” a new digital single entitled “SUPER LOVE 2012”
– which is a collaboration with my friends, the members of COLDFEET –
is available to download as of September 11.
“SUPER LOVE” is a funky tune that I released in 2002 under the name “SUGIZO & THE SPANK YOUR JUICE.”
I wanted sublimate it into a current SUGIZO-esque electro song,
as well as revive it as a glamorous female vocal track.
I wanted to attempt something different from the cosmic, psychedelic, dark directions
I’ve been exploring in recent years.
I also wanted to try incorporating a soul- and funk-like sensation that is overflowing
with light into my own techno format.
For that reason I asked COLDFEET, a fantastic duo that I’ve shared mutual respect with for 15 years now,
to jointly produce this song.
In this way we created an amazing hybrid house tune that fuses the various elements of house music;
it’s like a deep house style.
Our collaboration, affinity, and chemistry were even more fantastic than I had imagined
– just as you might expect of COLDFEET!
The song is groovy, soulful, funky, and jazzy.
My guitar cries out, creating a rocking feel that entwines with the delicate, psychedelic sensation.
Lori’s beautiful voice flutters about, creating a sensual, pop-like, brand new type of SUGIZO Music.
I hope you will all listen to it!
In the future I hope to keep focusing on cosmic, hard, psychedelic, spiritual electronic music.
At the same time, I intend to use this series that features female vocalists
as a way to explore a worldview that is sensual, soulful, and suffused with light
– for which “SUPER LOVE 2012” serves as the starting point.
I want to broaden the world of SUGIZO Music,
just like the pull of gravity between opposing elements such as the moon and the sun,
or between darkness and light.
I hope you’re all looking forward to my musical journey in the future as well,
so please make sure to check out “SUPER LOVE 2012,” my newest work!



How is everybody doing? It’s still really hot.
It’s less like late summer heat and more like midsummer.
Over the past few years the seasons have been utterly out of alignment…
Today, I have an announcement to make.
I’m going to be moving at a furious pace over the next month or so.
As you know, I released “FINAL OF THE MESSIAH Remix by SYSTEM 7,”
my first digital single in about a year, on August 29.
It’s being promoted in a big way on places like Facebook and BARKS,
so I bet many people have already listened to it.
As you know, this single was remixed by System 7, the leaders of the techno world in the UK.
“MESSIAH” has evolved into an intense dance track.
In it, my guitar roars violently and become intertwined with their groove.
The fantastic twin guitars played by myself and Steve Hillage, a guitarist I really respect,
raise this composition to new levels and guide it to a world of ecstasy.
It features a cosmic sensuality and an explosive rock attitude,
so I hope you will all listen to it!
Furthermore, a miraculous joint tour with System 7 and myself will take place on September 16
in Osaka and September 21 in Tokyo.
I’ve been a fan of System 7 for a really long time, so to me this is like a dream.
I am sure we will create a psychedelic art space that is totally cosmic and blissful.
For the show, my band will be the COSMIC DANCE QUARTET
composed of guitarist Takumi, drummer MOTOKATSU, d-kiku, and myself.
It will be an ecstasy of hardcore, danceable, psychedelic groove.
It’s definitely going to be a fantastic party together with other wonderful artists,
such as UNI, the leader of the Japanese trance world who is an important musical partner of mine,
DJ YUMMY, who is fantastically glamorous, Miss MELERA, in her first visit to Japan from Amsterdam, KOTARO, a fantastic creator and DJ who is my dear friend,
and ZAKROCK, who serves an important role in the visuals for my work.
I hope you all participate – you’ll definitely have a joyful experience in a blissful place!
My official Facebook and mixi pages are full of videos, information, and interviews.
I also started an official YouTube account!
I hope to interact with you in all sorts of venues, so I hope you’ll come and visit.

Juno Reactor in the summer: Budapest and Ozora

This is a continuation of my previous entry.
I arrived in Hungary – a place I’ve long wanted to visit –
before the other members of Juno Reactor.
It is the country of Béla Bartók,
a composer I’ve loved since I was a child and have been particularly enthralled with this year.
It is also the country of Franz Liszt,
who spread waves of feverish excitement throughout Europe
with his superior techniques and incomparable romanticism.
I wanted to visit and experience the place where these musicians,
who I respect so much, came from.
The capital city of Budapest is very beautiful, and I fell in love with it at first sight.
Everything was wonderful: the townscapes that remain from the Middle Ages,
the beauty of the parts of the city on the Danube, the splendid nature,
the night lights that sparkle in shades of orange.
Amongst the insane schedule of our ascetic tour, I spent two precious, tranquil days there.
However, the weather in Budapest as well was intensely hot!
It was an entirely different sensation from the European summer imagined by people in Japan.
My most important goal was to visit the Bartók Béla Memorial House,
which is located at his last home.
Unfortunately, it’s closed until the latter half of August… (T_T)
I did say a prayer at the gate in front of the memorial house,
where there is a statue of Bartók.
Weeping, I proceeded to my next destination: the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum.
Thankfully it was open as usual,
and I ended up spending three hours there because it was such a wonderful place.
I loved the John Lennon Museum as well,
and just like there I became unable to move because I felt such strong emotion.
This museum is located inside of Liszt’s actual home, and contains amazingly important,
beautiful items such as the pianos he used, written music, furniture, his study, beds, and altars.
I was so impressed that I thought I might perish,
and I definitely felt Liszt’s presence.
Deeply moved, that night I went to an old Hungarian restaurant
where I was able to experience a performance of Romani music.
I enjoyed delicious food together with the family of a close friend,
and the night was a very peaceful one.
The morning of the following day
I went to a famous hot spring where I became fully charged with the energy of the place
(while fully nude).
I walked along the Danube and absorbed the sun of Budapest with my entire body,
after which I met with the other members at the airport so that we could head to Ozora.
It was packed with people who were there to greet the Hungarian medalists returning
from the Olympics, which was a bit of a problem…
Amidst this tremendously excited crowd,
the members somehow managed to rendezvous and drive to Ozora,
which took around two hours.
The natural world in Ozora – the land, greenery, trees, and sun – was fantastic.
It’s a truly beautiful place, just like how you imagine Europe should appear.
However, it was quite cold, which of course started to affect my body…
On the day before our performance I went to the venue to see my good friends DJ TSUYOSHI
and System 7 play.
As you can imagine,
I was very happy to meet up with my Japanese friend in the middle of the European countryside!
We had a great time.
Also, System 7’s performance was amazing!
Hearing their quintessentially European techno was, in a particular way, a supreme experience.
Their spiritual sound seems to blend with nature and flow up to the sky.
It was a truly wonderful time.
Still, the weather was really chilly and I caught an awful cold… (>_<)
I returned to the hotel feeling terrible, where I attempted to warm up and go to sleep.
However, no hot water came from the shower… (>_<)
It was a type of trouble that is unique to the European countryside, for sure!
The next day my condition deteriorated even farther,
and our strict schedule meant that we had to move around constantly and spend lots of time waiting.
I arrived at the venue in an awful state,
but I was temporarily revived by the strong power there (or maybe I just got excited?).
I somehow managed to experience the rave, enjoy the party to a certain extent,
and concentrate on our show.
Juno’s performance at Ozora included a truly amazing rainbow,
a fantastically beautiful setting sun,
and a divine space.
The group consisted of the members from Russia; Taz, a familiar female singer;
and the members of Gocoo, who were in the middle of their European tour.
It was totally primitive, psychedelic, and intense.
We spent a time of supreme bliss together with the slightly more than 5,000 people at the party.
We conveyed our sound and spirit to the universe from the vast natural world of Ozora
– a “battle royal” between Ben’s ultra high-strength electronics sound, my soaring guitar,
the masterful Indian vocals, the transcendent African drumming,
and the Japanese spirit that was expressed in an explosive way through the sound of the wadaiko
(a type of traditional Japanese drum).
It was an amazing show!!
Can you imagine it?
After our wonderful performance, the final troubling incident of our harsh tour occurred.
Totally exhausted, we returned to the hotel at 4:00 a.m. All of a sudden,
the tour manager said that I had to leave the hotel at 5:30 a.m. to get to the airport!
No way! I wish that people would tell me such important things much earlier!
I kind of lost it at that point due to the terrible scheduling (^_^;).
I swiftly got dressed (the hot water was back on so I was able to take my first shower in two days),
and without even a second to rest – and feeling horrible –
spent two and a half hours in the car on the way to the airport.
My condition ended up worsening, and I felt practically dead during the layover in Moscow…
I returned home to Japan in an awful state, and then collapsed at my house.
It was the worst, most unpleasant flight I’ve experienced in quite some time…
But there’s no need to worry – I’ve recovered from my cold and am in the midst of my next work.
It was a grueling, sadistic tour,
but because of that I was able to gain many wonderful things including emotion and inspiration.
Also, I have to go back to Budapest soon so I can visit the Bartók Béla Memorial House…
In any case, I’m going to keep on going during the latter half of the year.
The weather is still hot, so please take care that you don’t suffer from heatstroke!

Juno Reactor in the summer: Krasnodar and Brighton

From the beginning of the scorching hot month of August,
I traveled to Europe to participate in two festivals with Juno Reactor.
When I returned to Japan I immediately felt poorly and became busy with various things,
which is why it’s taken me so long to write this…
Juno Reactor performed at Kubana, a festival in Krasnodar, Russia,
and O.Z.O.R.A., a gigantic rave in Hungary.
I was totally exhausted by the long trip and our travel schedule,
but both concerts were really wonderful and I felt charged with new energy.
Krasnodar was really far away…
After transferring in Moscow it took two hours to get to the airport,
and then we drove for another three hours.
The distance was so great that I wondered if I was being taken to the end of the world,
and Krasnodar was so hot that it didn’t seem like it could be a part of Russia.
The hotel where all the performing artists stayed was located atop a cliff facing the Black Sea.
It was extremely rural, but was a magnificent resort location.
While the performers were enjoying swimming in the Black Sea,
I was in the hotel room endlessly practicing Juno songs (^_^;).
Still, I did get to swim on the day of our concert.
The Black Sea is very shallow and the water is warm, so it felt amazing.
No matter where I am in the world, at all times I truly love getting up close with the ocean.
At Kubana, Juno consisted of six members: leader Ben (from the UK), drummer Budgie (from Germany),
percussionist Mabi (from South Africa), vocalist Hamshika (from India),
and a brilliant dancer named Mariy (from Israel).
This borderless group is truly like a confederation of different countries.
I hadn’t participated in about six months, so it was an awesome show.
The stage was next to the Black Sea, underneath a fantastically beautiful night sky.
The crowd of about 4,000 people had a fantastic energy.
It was A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
and Juno’s amazing vibe rang out across the Black Sea.
We performed on the dance stage.
On the same day, Korn performed as the main act on a separate main stage.
I saw their intense show from the side of the stage; even though the members have changed,
they are still going strong in their position as the kings of the loud scene,
and their performance was exactly what might be expected of such a group.
Oh, and I unexpectedly encountered MIYAVI in the hotel lobby!
He had been performing at the same festival – the two of us were the only Japanese artists.
I was quite happy to accidently meet up with such a close friend in such a distant location,
and I was also very proud.
His performance was also highly evaluated by my friends.
The day after our scorching show in such a red-hot location (despite the fact that it was in Russia),
the members of the group went to Brighton, UK – Juno’s base of activities –
or headed home to their own countries.
I went to Brighton with Ben and Mabi. I hadn’t visited there since November of last year.
Compared to the cloudless weather of Krasnodar,
Brighton was very chilly with gray skies and heavy clouds.
(Of course, what does one expect of the UK?)
I spent a short holiday there, during which I gave London,
which was experiencing the craziness of the Olympics, just a sidelong glance.
However, it’s not right to call it a holiday
because I had to take care of a mountain of work from Japan,
deal with projects, and make a hellish series of checks…
No matter where I go in the world, I live in a hell of work as long as I have Internet access.
During this time, I was able to spend only a few hours walking around Brighton’s streets and oceans.
It was very relaxing, and I somehow felt like I had returned home.
It was also wonderful to see Ben’s family again.
Brighton has definitely become like my second hometown, and I really love going there.
Afterwards I went to Hungary, a place I dearly wanted to visit.
The trip was not a straightforward one, but I will write more about that later!

An intense day

July 16 was a very intense day.
I woke up much earlier than usual, with a feeling of desperation.
Then I headed to Yoyogi Park to appear at an event to gather 100,000 people to oppose nuclear power.
Many people had already gathered for the demonstration at a location that was quite far from the park.
Apparently the rainy season had ended, and that day had wonderful, clear weather.
It was also extremely hot – because a large number of elderly people had gathered as well,
I was worried that they might suffer from heatstroke.
Around noon I gave a speech on the same stage as always,
and the many people that had assembled there answered me with applause.
At the dressing room I met staff members from the Peace Boat, who always help me so much,
and author Karin Amamiya, who I hadn’t seen in about six months.
There, we spent a very valuable period of time sharing our feelings about the current situation.
After my speech, I went to a different venue in the park where a truck was being used as a stage.
There I met Miyuki Matsuda, who I hadn’t seen in a long time.
The talk event I watched between Monjukun and Daisuke Tsuda was excellent,
and there were already so many people that it felt like being on a crowded train.
Everybody was excited about the demonstration that was about to take place.
According to the organizers of the event, 170,000 people assembled on that day.
The fact that so many citizens and people got together
in one place demonstrates their clear objectives very well.
Events like this one are growing in scale each day.
This demonstration was a significant happening that will definitely become a crossroads during our era,
yet the mass media still responds in a rather unfeeling way.
I can’t help think that attempts are being made to stifle the loud cries of these people in a desperate way,
which I just can’t accept…
How long will the government continue to ignore the true desires of its citizens?
I hope that democracy, in the truest sense of the word, can be regained as soon as possible
(although it might be more accurate to say “obtained” instead of “regained”).
Afterwards I left Yoyogi Park and headed to Ebisu Liquidroom to participate
in a concert by CHAOTIC SPEED KING,
a fantastic band I’ve been friendly with for several years now.
CHAOTIC SPEED KING is a jam band that produces truly explosive sounds;
it’s centered on Pierre Nakano, the drummer of Ling Tosite Sigure,
Jun Izawa, the bassist of the totally cool instrumental band LITE,
and takuto, a friend I’ve enjoyed mutual trust with for a long time
who is the leader of the amazing instrumental band about tess.
They asked me to perform as a guest, which was a wonderful experience.
We continued engaging in crazy, non-stop jams for 30 minutes
with a total of 10 skillful, passionate, fantastic musicians,
including the members of uniquely cool bands like The Telephones and HERE.
It was truly chaotic!
I was amazed – it felt like the music we played was the most evolved type at this point in time.
Because it was a birthday event for Pierre Nakano, most of the audience members were fans of Sigure.
They had a fantastic atmosphere – Sigure fans are definitely something!
Many of the musicians were quite young – one generation or more below me –
but they all had fantastic musical senses, intuition, and skills.
Mariko Goto, a former member of the band “Midori”,
was also part of the lineup for the event and played some wonderful music.
I was extremely happy because I felt that the future of Japanese rock music is very bright.
At the same time, I was inspired and shaken up.
I feel like I’m going to become more “hungry” in the future.
It’s wonderful that so many awesome musicians are rapidly spreading their wings.
In any case, I was double-booked on July 16, which turned into an intense and fantastic day.
Amongst these circumstances, I’m continually working on my next new music
and making preparations for Juno’s tour in August.
LUNA SEA’s activities are also starting.
As these things are taking place, in the future I intend to rapidly pursue possibilities and progress,
to engage in competition, and to take part in sessions with fantastic musicians.
At the same time, I hope to work vigorously to construct serious,
positive ideals for the future of Japan.
I’ll write more later – while you’re all working to conserve energy,
please make sure you don’t experience heatstroke!